I feel odd talking about myself so I let Urban Dictionary do it for me.  I may have made some edits.


dej●an djor●dje●vic [day-on  geor-ge-vic]


Boston University Graduate with a BA in Economics; accomplished film and tv extra;  motivated jack  of all trades; spelling bee winner; commuter; tall but not freakishly tall; world traveler; tan easily; amateur  photographer; blogger; twitterer. Chicken McNugget or a variation of were my first words.  I’m obsessed  with scary movies, and I tend to be random.  Oh and I have the best laugh – ask anyone.

Still learning how to cook.

This is what I look like. I enjoy modeling watches in my spare time, because I do it so well.










The Subway Series began in 2009 during my commute to/from work while on Boston’s MBTA Subway, also called “the T.” From the high powered to the homeless, I was among a very diverse group of subway riders interacting with those around me.  Everyday was a different experience so I began documenting and sharing my commute on Facebook and called it the Subway Series, a set of surreptitious snapshots all taken with my iPhone.  The terrible beauty is derived from the fact that the subjects, who don’t know they’re being documented, come from all walks of life with a diverse range of emotions in an everyday setting.

I used Facebook as a launching pad to show my images.  I had no idea what to expect, and I certainly didn’t have an action plan or a motive.  At the very least I expected a few comments from a few friends on a few pictures.  But that’s not what happened.

Almost a year into my Subway Series I had amassed hundreds of pictures and thousands of comments.  People I didn’t even know were requesting to see my Subway Series images on Facebook!  It was, however, a local publicist who saw my images and asked if I had any interest exhibiting at a local gallery.

The exhibit opened in January 2010 at The Accidental Gallery in Boston’s Seaport District followed by an Atlanta Subway Series exhibit at The Granite Room in April.  While I’m not yet focusing on the Subway Series full-time, I hope the photos convey a common thread of society that may otherwise be overlooked. With upwards of 600 photos, I plan to parlay my artistic debut into further showings of my work.  This blog has a sampling of images so please bear with me as I continue to update the site.

The Airport Series follows the exact same pattern as the Subway Series documenting airline passengers as I travel.


I am not a trained photographer nor am I a professional photographer.  I took one B&W photography class to fulfill credits my last semester of college and haven’t let go of my camera since!  I LOVE taking pictures, especially candids and portraits, and most of what I know is self taught.  I’m extremely fortunate having had commissioned works and photography exhibits and hope to continue on this path of doing what I love.

If I could just be a little more blessed, I can quit my 9-5 and take pictures full time!  In the meantime, I’ll take what I can get {laughs}.

Many people have helped and opened doors for me, and I am truly grateful for everything that’s been done!  I promise to extend my thanks to each of you individually with an autographed copy of my (yet to be published, totally fabricated, don’t quote me on this) picture book. Additional info here learn more